The river flows red

Back from vacation with “Pharao’s revenge”. Liquid shit mixed with blood is never a good day.

June 18th, 2008 Hannibal

Sweet corn

Did you know that the human body has a hard time completely digesting sweet corn? Well you do now. I guess the taco I ate yesterday with lots of sweet corn decided it was time to say hello. It was a bit hard to squeeze out at first but then it popped and sprayed part of my toilet.

1 comment September 8th, 2005 Hannibal

Trying to hide

Sometimes it looks like my feces is trying to hide down in the bowl. I had some mexican chili for dinner yesterday. I really like spicy food. I even bought some cayenne-pepper to spice it up.

September 7th, 2005 Hannibal

First shit

Finally, some piece of shit I can post. Had tacos for dinner yesterday. Not much shit today though. And yeah, the water is yellow because I had to pee.

2 comments September 6th, 2005 Hannibal

Some shit is about to happen

This is it. I’ve had it with all the shit being posted online in thousands of blogs. They’re all crap. So I’m starting this clog (crap log) in protest.

Ofcourse, with my luck, I was so stressed out that I didn’t have to go. I’ll post some shit later today, promise.

September 6th, 2005 Hannibal